Ron Forse of Forse Design Inc., the golf course architect who helped Salem Country Club with its long-term improvement plan in advance of the 2017 U.S. Senior Open, on Oct. 17 toured the ongoing renovation project that he is supervising at Tedesco Country Club in Marblehead. Nearly every bunker on the course
is being remade according to the original design

“We’re out here talking about where bunkers will go, the elevation of them, and how many,” said Forse as he walked around the elevated green of the 12th hole with Matthew Staffieri, owner of MAS Golf Course Construction, who was using an excavator to carve out the bunkers.

“Ledge rock dictates what is done,” said Forse. “What makes this area so beautiful is what makes it so difficult to work with.”

“I love New England,” said Forse, who grew up in New Jersey but spent a lot of time on Cape Cod as a kid, visiting family. “I love the history, landscape, soil, rock, and topography. Courses in this area have character and quirk.”

“You don’t need a water feature or ocean to make a course interesting, the landscape can do that.”

Forse Design has worked on more than 15 clubs in Massachusetts.

The threesome of Bill Demakis , Dan Nolan, both of Swampscott, and Ed Barry of Salem hit to a temporary hole cut in the fairway of the 12th hole as construction gets underway around the green.

The surrounds to 16 green at Tedesco Country Club has been torn up and restored to what you see here, with bunkers and fescue harking back to its original design. In the foreground, the fairway going down the hill that leads up to the green has been torn up in preparation for an expansion.

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