David DuPriest and his client, Jim Lane, a retired head golf pro at Winchester Country Club, during a workout on Tuesday, January 25, 2017. DuPriest is a fitness trainer at Allfit Performance Training. Mark Lorenz/Lynn Item

Training program a perfect Fit for All golfers

David DuPriest, owner of ALLFIT Performance Training in Wilmington, teaches his clients to work from the ground up.

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Bob Green Headshot_4By BOB GREEN

To most golfers, this seems like a rhetorical question. Personally, I wish the ball went farther, as do most non-tour professionals. Actually, I don’t hear current tour professionals calling for the golf ball to be rolled back either.

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bob-green-headshot_4Bob Green, Head Pro., Tedesco CC

Most of the poor mechanics I see during the swing are caused by problems that exist before the club begins to move.

Poor fundamentals in the address position make it very difficult to attain fundamentally sound positions throughout the swing, resulting in poor shots.

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